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As 03/03/2018, The issue being addressed and Updated the FC. ready to ship with the new regulator. No more 5V issue.

As order before 03/03/2018, Anyone have bought a CLRACINGF4 AIR V2 board, please send it back to me due to some board have a faulty 5V regulator. Please send back to me I will swap out and test and send back to you on all my cost. The problem due to supplier changes the 5V regulator to a cheaper one for me. And I didn’t find out till this Thursday.Please send back to me contact me for the return address.Sorry for the inconvenient.For those who want to do the is how to make it work



The CLRACINGF4AIRV2 using different FW than the V1.

Download INAV FW




PDF  for Airplane and wing diagram



Specially design for Wing or airplane

  • STM32F405RGT
  • MPU9250 SPI
  • Baro:BMP280
  • 2 motor OUTPUTS
  • 4 servo outputs
  • Built-in 5V 5A BEC dedicated for Servos
  • Built-in 12V 2A BEC dedicated for video and camera
  • Build-in PDB with 150A current sensor
  • Built-in Voltage monitoring resistor
  • RSSI pin
  • Pilot Tube input
  • Built-in OSD
  • Led_strip share 5V with servo power
  • 5 UARTS: UART1(Inverted Serial rx ), UART2, UART3(Telemetry), UART4, UART 6 ( for GPS)
  • Onboard direct solder buzzer pins
  • Build-in Camera_setting pin near camera connection (future implement in Inav)
  • Tx4(UART4 ) pin near VTX pins for smart audio support()
  • Using CLRACINGF4AIRV2 target from Inav